Image of Customised Diamond and Enamel Platinum Sneaker Shoes
Image of Platinum and Gold Sneakers with Diamonds Charm Pendants

Gold & Enamel Sneaker Shoe Charm

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This Absolelutely Precious™ Gold & Enamel Sneaker Shoe Charm can be customized in a variety of enamel colors, gem colors, gold types, and style options. The Absolelutely Precious™ collection features custom charms and diaper pin bracelets & necklaces. Our baby shoe charms are fully customizable, and can be suspended from our Absolelutely Precious™ Gold Diaper Pin Bracelets and Necklaces.

Add touches of enamel, diamonds, colored stones, and even have your child’s name uniquely sculpted on the sole. Sneaker Charms pictured are made from white gold with red enamel and a child's name etched on the sole with the letter "i" dotted with a diamond at no extra cost.

  • - Handmade sneaker shoe charm.
  • - Solid 18k gold design.
  • - Great baby shower and birthday gift idea.


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