Chicago Field Museum Project

Image of Victoria Fradine Lampert Kipnis at the Grainger Hall of Gems
Image of Trilogy Necklace Inside Exhibition
Image of Tangerine Pavel Myagkov Hall of Gems Jewelry at Field Museum
Image of Sunrise Ring at Grainger Hall of Gems Inside Exhibition Image
Image of Incredible Necklace Pendant at Chicago Field Museum
Image of Guardian Angel Ring at The Field Museum in Chicago
Image of The Green Goddess at Chicago's Field Museum
Image of The Garden of Eden Ring from The Field Museum
Flight Gem Ring at The Granger Hall of Gems Field Museum
Image of Eye of The Leopard Ring in Chicago's Granger Hall of Gems
Image of the Empress Diamond Necklace at The Chicago Field Museum
Image of Echelon Emerald Ring in the Grainger Hall of Gems at the Field Museum in Chicago
Image of Duchess Sapphire Ring in the Hall of Gems
Image of Chameleon Ring by Lester Lampert Field Museum Project
Image of Museum Project Caviar Ring for The Field Museum
Image of Caliente Necklace for Chicago Field Museum Project
Image of Blaze Necklace by Lester Lampert Museum Project
Image of Lester Lampert Berylicious Ring for The Chicago Field Museum Project
Image of Ascension Ring Jewelry from The Field Museum
Image of Azzuro Ring From Lester Lampert's Museum Project
Image of Bloom Brooch at The Field Museum in Chicago

Lester Lampert was chosen to create 27 fabulous pieces from the most noteworthy gems in The Chicago Field Museum’s Grainger Hall of Gems

“Lampert was chosen to create new jewelry articles because of their demonstrated design vision, manufacturing expertise, and great enthusiasm for the project. Many of the Field’s most noteworthy cut gems were entrusted to Lampert, including the 97.45-carat Red Topaz, the 153.79-carat Peridot measuring nearly 2-1/2-inches long, and a double-sided 37.90-carat Star Sapphire.”

– Lance Grande, PhD, The Field Museum’s Sr. VP, head of collection and research, and curator of the Grainger Hall of Gems

“I am extremely honored to be selected by The Field Museum. The specimens presented led us down different design paths as we strove to give prominence to the unique physical and optical attributes of each gemstone. I was particularly fascinated with the rare ruby-colored topaz and found my design inspiration for that submission, entitled Blaze, from the stone’s unusual color and internal fire.” – Lester Lampert

The Field Museum, located on the shore of Chicago’s Iconic Lake Michigan, opened to the public in 1921. The museum was founded on the mission to “fuel a journey of discovery across time to enable solutions for a brighter future rich in nature and culture.” This mission has been brought to life through the museums many installations and exhibits. While the museum currently features over 40 million exhibits and artifacts, the collection continues to grow. One of the many exhibits that draws people from near and far is the Field Museum’s Hall of Gems. This timeless exhibit opened in 1921 features more than 600 gemstones and 150 pieces of both antique and contemporary jewelry. The gems are displayed in one of three stages: raw crystal, cut and polished stone, and finished jewelry. Featured in this exhibition are 27 stunning gemological specimens that were entrusted to us at Lester Lampert to be mounted in our custom-made jewelry designed and crafted to highlight the finest qualities of every gem.

Learn more about the Grainger Hall of Gems on the Field Museum website.