For the first time ever, Lester Lampert unveils the next evoLLution in jeweLLery design—GlidesOn™

Do you have trouble keeping your rings in place?

Once a ring clears your knuckle, it turns if it’s too loose. Other than temporary ring guards or complicated shanks, no perfect solution exists…until now.

Discover GlidesOn™, a brand new innovative and permanent solution to stop your rings from turning, only available at Lester Lampert.

A Ring Shank That Expands and Contracts

We convert your existing rings to the GlidesOn™ shank. Half the band is easily replaced with a new shank that comfortably expands and contracts on your finger. Your rings will always remain upright and stay in place.

Ready to wear your rings again?

Lester Lampert can attach GlidesOn™ to your existing rings, so you can enjoy wearing your entire ring collection again. Or, let’s create a new ‘Over-the-top’ jewelry dream ring with the GlidesOn™ innovation.

Call or text 312-944-6888 or complete the form below and convert your ring with a GlidesOn™ shank.

A Lester Lampert Exclusive!

Learn if GlidesOn™ Is the Right Fit For You

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Read What Our Customer's Say


“It’s ingenious! This is something really special.”

- Rickie

Chicago, IL


It's so comfortable. It glides on, literally.

- Elena

Chicago, IL


For someone with large knuckles, I can wear my favorite rings again.


Chicago, IL