Uniquely and Forever Yours

Let's design the ring that's perfect for you.


Your love is one of a kind. Shouldn’t your engagement ring be special too?

Let’s create something that no one else has: a ring as remarkable and beautiful as your relationship.

Only Natural Diamonds


We are committed to offering only natural diamonds. We believe that the beauty of a natural diamond, formed over time by nature, is a true treasure that deserves to be cherished on your special occasion. Lester Lampert is proud to be a Natural Diamond Council Official Partner and to offer you the finest in Natural Diamonds, Gemstones, and Craftsmanship.

The Process of Creating Your Custom Ring

Step 1: Stone Selection

Choose the diamond that will be the focal point of your ring- one that will shine for a lifetime.

Step 2: Design Consultation

Share your ideas with one of our designers during a one-on-one session as we sketch your vision.

Step 3: Collaboration

View the 3D modeling or the hand-carved wax process, either in-person or via video conference.

Step 4: Magic Happens

Our on-site master craftsmen will use the model to begin creating a truly unique engagement ring in metal and stone, just for you.

Step 5: Beauty Revealed

Your Lampert original is finished to the highest quality standards and presented in a beautiful gift box with documents of authenticity.

Understanding Diamonds


Almost all diamond cuts fall into a shape category. The most popular shapes are round, princess, oval, marquise, pear, cushion, emerald, asscher, radiant, and heart.

Each shape offers a distinct set of recognizable differences that determine cost, quality, and overall brilliance and appeal.


Fine proportions, symmetry, and polish optimize a diamond's interaction with light. A diamond's beauty is made up of three attributes: brightness, fire, and scintillation.

A diamond's inner beauty is revealed via a skilled cutter. The better the cut, the more brightness, fire, and scintillation a diamond will have.


Most diamonds used in fine jewelry are colorless or nearly colorless. The grade of a diamond's color is determined by comparing that diamond to a master set. The color scale starts at D (completely colorless) and ends at Z (usually yellow, but can also be brown or gray).

Some diamonds have a phenomenon called fluorescence, which is not a factor in the grade but can influence the visible beauty of a diamond.


Because diamonds form under tremendous heat and pressure, it is extremely rare to find a diamond that lacks any internal or external characteristics.

These characteristics are often called inclusions and can play a role in the diamond's brilliance and beauty. Diamonds with fewer inclusions are more rare than those with more inclusions.

Carat Weight

This is the physical weight of a diamond and is determined by placing it on a scale. One carat is divided into 100 points—similar to pennies in a dollar.

For example, a diamond that is 1-3/4 of a carat would be written as 1.75cts. The more a diamond weighs—everything else being equal—the rarer and more valuable it will be.

"Proposing was going to be the biggest moment of our lives.

My experience at Lester Lampert was fun, exciting, and most importantly, easy and cost-flexible.

We were given a completely unique and customized piece that blew everyone away."

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