Jewelers from the Lampert Family working in an early 1900s workshop in Chicago. Early Chicago jewelers in chicago workshop early 1900s from Lampert Family

Our Jewelry Store in Chicago:
The Lester Lampert Story

Embark on the Lester Lampert journey, a story of passion and craftsmanship that began in 1920. Explore our history and the dedication behind our brand, and discover why we are a premier Chicago jewelry store.

Our Story

The story of Lester Lampert began in 1920 when Lester's grandfather, David Lampert, made the brave and arduous journey from Russia to the United States. Searching for a better life, he established what is now a renowned fine jewelry store in Chicago, which has spanned four generations of the Lampert family.
Custom Jewelers in Chicago

Where We Started

David Lampert, a first-generation American jeweler in Chicago circa the 1920s, laid the foundation for what would become one of the most respected jewelry stores in Chicago.

David Lampert first generation American jeweler in Chicago circa 1920s
Historic image of Lampert Family jewelers at work in their Chicago jewelry workshop.
Davis and Lester Lampert stand outside of their family run jewelry store on the magnificent mile in Chicago
Our Chicago Jewelry Store Today

The Present

Today, we continue to evolve and expand by adding new branded jewelry collections. Our manufacturing expertise has evolved as well with the introduction of new technology, such as CAD CAM design.

Celebrating 100 Years!

While change is inevitable, there are things that have remained essential at Lester Lampert – our exceptional design standards, our creative spirit, and our dedication to our clients.

celebrated our 100th anniversary, marking a century of excellence as a leading jewelry store in Chicago.

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Learn More About Lester Lampert

Find more stories about Lester Lampert and what makes us special.

Tour Our New Location

we are continuing our family's century-old legacy at our new jewelry store in Chicago. We craft custom jewelry with a personal touch, emphasizing in-house craftsmanship and connecting each creation to its wearer's story. At our new spot, heritage meets modern luxury, embodying the essence of what we've cherished for generations.

The "Two Carrot Ring"

When does a two-carat ring become a two-carrot ring? In the unique case of the first ring Lester presented to Maureen. Evidently, it was a hit, as they have shared laughter over it for more than half a century. This is the quintessential love story of Lester Lampert—belonging to them.

CeLLebrating Our Heritage

Explore the touching narrative surrounding the "Zayde" Locket, crafted by Lester's father in the 1920s. Learn about its remarkable journey, including being sold multiple times before Lester unearthed it more than seven decades later. This piece, like many others, exemplifies the rich history and tradition of our Chicago jewelry store.

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