Jewelry Repair Services

Fine Jewelry Repair in Chicago

Professional Fine Jewelry Repair

Looking for the best fine jewelry repair in Chicago? Lester Lampert is the perfect place to bring your jewelry heirlooms for proper repair and restoration. We have over 100 years of company experience working on precious metals and gemstones. All repairs are done on the premises, and performed by master craftsmen with years of fine jewelry experience.

Whether it is resizing a gold or platinum ring or the restoration of a delicate fine antique, the Lampert facility is fully equipped to handle the project.

The latest in technology is offered including laser welding that quickly and cleanly bonds similar or dissimilar fine metals, like gold and platinum without the heat of traditional soldering techniques. In the past, if jewelry was damaged near a valuable gemstone or enamel, repair was impossible without the risk of causing further damage to the item. Now, in the state-of-the-art Lampert manufacturing and repair facility, a pinpoint laser beam is used to make these incredibly delicate repairs.

Ask to have you favorite jewelry “Lesterized”. Skilled craftsmen will completely restore your jewelry, replace chipped precious gemstones stones, build-up weak fine metals, and polish it to perfection. It’s like coming home with a brand new piece of jewelry. And, as an extra bonus, you will receive your very own “Lesterizer” to take home- a sonic jewelry cleaning machine to keep your jewelry looking its best.


Other Jewelry Services We Offer:

• Precious and Semi-precious Gem Setting (We cannot work with lab grown stones)
• Fine Jewelry Polishing & Cleaning
• Gold and Platinum Necklace Extensions
• Pearl Restringing
• Antique Fine Jewelry Restoration
• Gold and Platinum Ring Repair
• Ring Resizing (Gold and Platinum only)


Lester Lampert has expert craftsman that can repair your fine jewelry and have it looking brand new in no time. Our professional jewelers have experience in problems such as gem chipping, silver, gold, and platinum polishing, pearl restringing, and even necklace extensions.


About Our Jewelry Repair Technology

When we repair a piece of jewelry, we often use the latest laser welding techniques that creates seamless bonds that look as if the jewelry was never broken. This technique is much more efficient than traditional metal soldering, and has several benefits. For instance, in the past if a gem became chipped or the enamel became damaged, then it became impossible to repair. However, with this new laser technology, almost any type of jewelry repair can be made possible. When you visit our Chicago jewelry store location, we will happily guide you through the entire jewelry repair process and we will even walk you through our jewelry repair facility so that you can see exactly how the repairs are made.


Jewelry Cleaning and Polishing

Do you have old gold or platinum jewelry that could use a good cleaning? Feel free to bring it into our store and we will have it professionally polish and cleaned in no time. Our expert jewelers have decades of experience working with some of the world’s finest jewelry and we will be happy to make your jewelry shine like it did when you bought it. It isn’t advised that you try and clean the jewelry yourself, because without the proper materials you could run the risk of scratching the precious metals. However, after you have us clean your jewelry, we will send you home with your own sonic jewelry cleaning machine that way you can clean your jewelry at home and we will properly instruct you how to use the device, so that you won’t run the risk of damaging or destroying any of your jewelry.