Discover the Perfect Fit: Introducing GlidesOn™ by Lester Lampert

GlidesOn™ shank attachment on a gold ring, demonstrating its expansion feature for comfortable fit despite changing finger sizes, highlighting Lester Lampert's innovative jewelry solutions.

Unlocking the Secret to Comfort and Style

As time goes on, our bodies undergo various changes. One common issue that many women face is knuckles that grow larger, making once-perfect rings a snug fit or even impossible to wear. But don’t worry! Lester Lampert has the perfect solution for you with our innovative product, GlidesOn™.

The Challenge of Changing Fingers

Rings are meant to be symbols of love, commitment, and fashion. However, when they no longer fit comfortably, they can become a source of frustration and discomfort. Over time, knuckles can expand, making it difficult to wear favorite rings. Traditionally, the only option was to resize (often to a size too big) or forgo wearing the cherished piece altogether.

Introducing GlidesOn™

GlidesOn™ is a game-changer in the world of fine jewelry. It's a shank designed to be retrofitted to an existing ring, allowing it to expand to fit multiple finger sizes comfortably. This innovative solution ensures that cherished rings can be worn effortlessly, even as knuckles change over time.

Person joyfully showing off an old favorite ring again thanks to the GlidesOn™ retrofit by Lester Lampert, illustrating the product's benefit of reclaiming cherished jewelry.

How It Works

GlidesOn™ is ingeniously designed to make your favorite rings fit like a glove. The shank expands and contracts with ease, adapting to the size of your finger. Whether you're having a warm day where your fingers tend to swell or a cold day when they are smaller, GlidesOn™ ensures your ring remains secure and comfortable. The best part? The elegant design blends seamlessly with almost any ring style, preserving its beauty and value.

Benefits of GlidesOn™

  1. Comfortable Fit: GlidesOn™ eliminates the discomfort of ill-fitting rings, providing a perfect fit every time.
  2. Versatility: Whether your fingers swell or shrink, GlidesOn™ adapts to multiple sizes, allowing you to wear your favorite rings regardless of the season or situation.
  3. Preserves Beauty: The sleek design of GlidesOn™ ensures that the aesthetic appeal of your ring is maintained.
  4. Unlock Your Jewelry Box: Reclaim those cherished rings that have been locked away because they no longer fit. GlidesOn™ allows you to wear them again with ease and comfort.
  5. Security: The innovative design keeps your ring securely in place, so you can go about your day worry-free.

A Seamless Solution for Treasured Rings

At Lester Lampert, we understand the emotional and sentimental value of your jewelry. GlidesOn™ provides a seamless solution, ensuring that your treasured rings can continue to be a part of your everyday life. This innovative product is a testament to our commitment to creating solutions that cater to the evolving needs of our customers.

Close-up of a woman struggling to fit a tight ring on her swollen knuckle, emphasizing the need for GlidesOn™ technology by Lester Lampert for adaptable ring sizes.

Experience the Difference

If you have a ring that you love but can no longer wear comfortably, it's time to experience the difference with GlidesOn™. Visit our store or contact us to learn more about this fantastic product and how it can restore comfort and joy to your cherished jewelry pieces.

Final Thoughts

Don’t let changing knuckles keep you from enjoying your favorite rings. With GlidesOn™, you can experience a comfortable, secure fit that adapts to your finger size. At Lester Lampert, we're committed to providing innovative solutions that enhance the beauty and functionality of your jewelry. Discover the perfect fit today with GlidesOn™.



See GlidesOn™ In Action

Adjust the slider below to see how well our modified ring shank expands and contracts to fit your fingers.

Detailed view of the GlidesOn™ mechanism's secure and stylish design, attached to a classic ring, ensuring both comfort and aesthetic appeal in Lester Lampert's jewelry innovation.
Ring fitted with the GlidesOn™ mechanism by Lester Lampert, showcasing the versatility and seamless integration with various ring styles.