Watch Repair Services

Best Watch Repair in Chicago

Do You Need Your Watch Repaired?

Making a timepiece work accurately and reliably to measure the passage of time is no simple task. Lester Lampert is proud to announce that we have some of the best watchmakers in the world working for us right here in Chicago. If your watch stops working, or it becomes damaged, then bring it in and let our watch making experts have a look, and we will get it back into tip top shape.

We pride ourselves in being one of the best jewelry stores in Chicago and we will do whatever it takes to deliver outstanding service to each and every one of our clients. Our philosophy begins with delivering quality work and that is what you should expect to receive when you choose Lester Lampert as your jeweler.


Our Watch Repair Services Include:

  • Dial Adjustment and Dial Refinishing
  • Stem & Crown Replacement
  • Watch Battery Replacement
  • Case & Bracelet Refinishing
  • Water Sealing
  • Time Adjustment
  • Quartz or Mechanical Overhaul


Can You Fix Mechanical Watches?

Absolutely. Our watch repair experts will be able to fix just about any type of watch you bring to our store. Whether your time piece is quartz or mechanical, it doesn’t matter, because we will be able to get the job done. After the watch repair is complete, we will double check our work to ensure that your watch is working properly, and tracking the passage of time accurately.


What If I Just Need My Watch Band Replaced?

We would be glad to replace your watch band. We have several different styles available in our show room and we would love for you to come take a look at our beautiful selection. We welcome all types of watch repairs and we are happy to serve our customers in however we can. Remember, your happiness and satisfaction is our number one priority.